The Penis Professor – Reviews – Before and After Pictures? Proof of Evidence For Penis Enlargement!

The Penis Professor – Reviews – Before and After Pictures? Proof of Evidence For Penis Enlargement !

Most men nowadays believe that the size of the penis has so much to contribute in having a fulfilled sexual life. Right!?

This leads to the effort to finding means of getting the penile organ enlarged as this would result to improve sexual stamina and sexual confidence, satisfying their partners.

Even though these efforts of sexual enhancement can be achieved through the use of male enhancement pills, herbs etc.

Also, I found out during an internet research that penis enlargement can also be achieved in an easier and safer way through the exercises as The Penis Professor claims.

It also states to achieve several other sexual benefits without any side effects.

Now it’s time to review these claims.

Name of Product: The Penis Professor

Primary Website:

Minimum Price: Full Program Access – $67

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 30-90 Days

Refund Policy: 8-Week Money Back Guarantee

What Is The Penis Professor? is a research organization that claims to have many years in searching for improvements to male penis enlargement and sexual health, which their office is based in the United States.

This “Penis Professor” program also claims 96% success rate, in that they have helped thousands of men to successfully improve/enhance their sex lives using The Penis Professor’s exclusive natural exercise techniques, and have advised many.

As a matter of fact, The Penis Professor promotes to be the best site for persons (men) finding healthy solutions to solving their erections size and sexual problems.

They provide their clients with several penis exercises and techniques which they believe would be effective in enlarging the penis size; increasing the penis length and girth in an easy but simple way.

In other words, penis enlargement can be done in the absence of all penis enhancement pills and also without undergoing unnecessary medical surgery.

This reduces some certain risks of impotency and death.

The Penis Professor renders their services online through frequent update of videos showing the penis exercise techniques that would work in effect to the marketing claims.

Let us see more!

How Does It Work?

As a 100% online program, the proven penis exercises are claimed to guarantee size, confidence and powerful erections.

The exercises induce increased penile blood flow, which in turn manifests permanently in the penis enlargement.

In a more descriptive way, the human penis has three (3) major erectile columns or chambers; two (2) corpora cavernosa) found at the top, and the corpus spongiosum found below the corpora cavernosa, as well as the columns’ enveloping fascial layers, nerves, lymphatics, and blood vessels, all covered by the skin.

The size of the erection is determined by the amount of blood that can be held by these penis chambers, being that it uses blood pressure to stiffen. The mechanism is that of hydraulics.

The Penis Professor provides HQ videos for every penis enlargement exercise and stretch in order to enlighten the clients on what to do and how to do it safely with ease.

The videos are in English version only and are updated on the website frequently enabling accesses using web browsers.

Also these can be accessed with mobile phones.

The frequent difficulties encountered by clients revolve around logging in, which could be simply resolved by updating the web browser, switching the PC or phone off and back on.

The Penis Professor employs simple video instructions guiding all the penis exercises, displaying possible ways erection size can be increased naturally and safely.

The expected effective results of these penis exercises are noticed once the given instructions are strictly carried out.

Who Is The Penis Professor For?

According to them, the penis exercise program is a unique and exclusive one, designed for men that crave to enlarge their penis in size, increase length and girth of their penis, improve their erection, and also desire to boost their sexual stamina.

Which, they actually have a for proof of evidence showing that this male penile exercise program really works.

The Penis Professor stipulates that users/clients must be eighteen (18) years and above. In addition, there is no upper age limit.

Persons who are not in full health, or those with no bladder control should not embark on The Penis Professor program.

Follow down to find more !

Overview of The Penis Professor

The Benefits:

  • Enlarge the Penis Size
  • A Time Tested Techniques
  • It is Easy and Safe Exercises
  • Claims Permanent Results
  • No Side Effects Reported
  • It Thicken the Penis – Girth
  • Gives a Stronger Erection
  • Makes the Penis Head Grow
  • Makes One Rock Well and Harder
  • Better Sexual Control
  • Enlarge the Testicles
  • Stop Premature Ejaculation
  • Corrects Penis Curvature
  • Before and After Results Found
  • Fast Results in 2 Weeks
  • Videos Were Shown
  • Money Back Guarantee

The Limitations:

  1. Nothing about doctor’s endorsement was stated.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The Penis Professor says this penis exercise program is safe if only we strictly carry out the instructions.

The Penis Professor being 100% online program gives us instant access to their frequently updated videos, and supports the following browsers; Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and other major ones.

The Penis Professor offers 8-week money back guarantee. That is, if in any way we are not satisfied or let me say their program and/or products didn’t work for us, they promote to do a full money refund.

According to them, all purchases are made online using the following accepted cards; Master card, Discover, Novus, Amex, Bravo, Visa, Euro card, MCdebit.

They also take PayPal.

We can contact them through e-mail. As response or reply from them may sometimes get into the spam folder, they advise we should always check the spam folder when expecting their reply.

Also we can send our questions and through e-mail. Same when we request for a refund.

Bottom Line Analysis & Interpretation

The safeness of our efforts towards getting the penile organ enlarged is to be considered.

Improving sexual performances can be achieved via so many ways that may involve the use of pills (penis pills), most of which may have serious side effects and allergic reactions.

Some of these penis enhancement and enlargement pills may claim to be the best and most effective ones, but at the end worth none of these marketing claims.

The Penis Professor has brought to our knowledge the use of time tested penis enlargement exercises and techniques, modern medical discoveries as they claim, and supplements that would help us achieve the desired penis size.

I think this will have less or no side effects since it is just an exercise.

Other means of enlarging the penis may pose serious dangers. When penis pumps are used, there is an inherent risk of causing peyronies disease, tissue scaring, penis deformation, impotence, and injury from over pumping.

Use of penis weight can cause decreased penis sensitivity. And undergoing a medical surgery to enlarge the penis has a high rate of failure, as well quite expensive.

Considering the above, we are left with no other option than to seek a natural way of enlarging the penis such as following The Penis Professor () program, with less or no penis enlargement pills, thereby minimizing certain risks. However, to perform the penile exercises correctly as directed, we will need a penis enlargement lubricant, such as an effective one for exercises, the Enlargel lube will suit us best.

Which is why The Penis Professor would be one of the best options for penis enlargement exercises, using our own bare hands, plus gain benefits in penis sexual health and performance.

Now if you are one of the previous users who have followed this exercise program, post your experiences here, please do so below! Don’t hesitate to add a line below on your results, just like on Penis Professor website.

However, if you do not want to put in effort by us using your own hands to exercises and grow your pecker size, then I would suggest you take a look at the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system, which is a 2-step approach device that pumps and pulls the penis for growth of inches. Therefore, it will do all the work for you without putting effort.


  1. Ray says:

    How long does it take to increase the penis by 2- 3 inches in length and girth.and is the result permanent?

    • Hey Ray,

      Well, results varies in each individual. Even though the Penis Professor program shows step-by-step procedures on HD videos, Some folks get faster growth as you can see the , where others may take a little longer or maybe longer due to not following the correct directions and procedures as shown in the Penis Professor program. The first month or so, we users can expect over a full inch or more of penis growth. Now 2-3 inches, probably a little longer than 1 month. Again, it all depends on you. Yes, Permanent growth. Please make sure to come and share your results and experience with everyone.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. Adam says:

    I been using the penis professor for a 4 weeks I see little of gain but no inches so how long dose for inches

    • Hey Adam,

      Like every one of us is different, the results may vary. Some users can get a full inch or more within those 4 weeks, but some may take a little longer. Yet, you mention seeing a “little of gain”, which I would continue doing what you’re doing for the better and then, expect to reach that inch or more by month 2 or so. I personally think that as long as you’re getting results, it will come the results you want of inches.

      Julio – Alpha Male

      • Hey Adam,

        Well, yes a penis extender as you will wear the device thoughout the day for growth in penis size. If somehow you don’t want to use your own hands to perform the effective penile exercises from the , then Yes, if you ordered an effective and safe extender device, such as the X4 Labs or so.

        Julio – Alpha Male

  3. Christian Taylor says:

    I have been using the Penis Professor for about 5 weeks. My penis is just over an inch longer flaccid, 3/4 inch thicker, about 1/3 inch lo get erect, lower hanging scrotum (and fuller appearance ), and larger head. My wife can see and feel the difference. My friend has commented in the locker room and wants to do it himself. So yeah, I’m happy with it so far!

    • Hey Christian,

      Awesome man, it’s always great to hear real stories from users of one of the top male sexual product/program out there. Especially the , who is ranked as the best penis enlargement program out there so far from my research evidence and findings. Thanks for sharing your results of experienece, as it may help others out there to know what to expect when following it correctly as directed.

      Cheers, I Believe You
      Julio – Alpha Male

  4. John T says:

    Hi, could you list the names of the recommended excersizes from penis professor?


    • Hey John,

      Visit the by clicking the following link at () and go from there. But to be honest, I would rather do the correct way to get the best maximum benefits of the program, which I would purchase the complete program one time and just follow it step-by-step as directed, for maximum and best results and also get help from the program’s support team.

      For Your Best,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  5. Becksx says:

    Hi im using bathmate penis pump can i combine both penis proffesor and bathmate pump to get quicker results ?

  6. angelo says:

    Im using a sizegenetics extender can i combinate that with the penisprofessor ?

    • Hey Angelo,

      Yes, you sure can, where combining an extender penis enlargement device along with penile exercises (PenisProfessor Program) in the daily basis, it should definitely give you an extra boost to increase penis size there.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  7. Shay says:

    How long does it take to increase your penis by 1-2 inches in both length and girth?

    • Hey Shay,

      According to the , within 4-12 weeks, you can expect to have grown at least a full inch or so. Which will depend on the process, results may vary to each individual, where some could get better results than others.

      For Your Success,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  8. Mike says:

    Which would you recommend the penis professor or the penis bible?

    • Hey Mike,

      Well to be honest with you, you can expect better results with the , there are more help, hints and even email support, plus there videos showing you how to do each exercise in a correct way, where either one as you putting effort in the program, within 2-4 months or more, you should be seeing size difference in penis enlargement and even other sexual benefits.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  9. Art o says:

    what is the best you would recommend pill to get a bigger and fatter penis?

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